Success by Design:
Optimizing Supply Chains

Your supply chain can only excel when it is set up for success. The most important factors that enable financial performance, productivity, and customer service are built into the structure of the supply chain itself.

Your decisions on distribution networks, manufacturing, and transportation are just a few of the dimensions of designing supply chains for optimal performance. Yet, all too often, these choices have been made informally and incrementally over time, the result of gradual changes to the business as well as events like mergers and acquisitions.​


Supply chain design takes a fresh look at your physical supply chain and rules and answers the question, “how good could it really be?” With an experienced team and years of process and technology implementation experience, we help senior leadership develop a pragmatic approach to strategy that involves not just laying out a vision, but also create detailed plans to turn that strategy into reality. Through process, technology, and organizational capability improvements, we help our clients vision the right supply chain for their business—now and in future:

  1. How many warehouses will I need? Where should I position them?

  2. How should I deploy inventory to best balance cost, service, and risk?

  3. How can I accelerate order response time?

  4. How can I correctly account for risks and impacts of moving to low-cost countries or near-shoring?

  5. How can I model and manage supply chain resilience?

Supply Chain
Design & Network


Transportation​ Optimization

Inventory Optimization & Postponement

Make/Buy & Insource/Outsource Optimization

Lean & Production Optimization

Supply Chain Design & Network Optimization

Make better decisions on where to locate facilities and how to source demand across global supply networks. Respond to major business events like mergers by rebalancing your supply chain, leveraging shared resources and eliminating duplication. Tune your distribution and logistics models to your service objectives while reducing working and invested capital.


Spinnaker’s practical approach to network design blends sophisticated modeling and analysis with creative thinking and years of experience to deliver pragmatic, effective solutions to complex supply chain design challenges. Spinnaker leverages Supply Chain Guru® by LLamasoft to provide supply chain modeling and optimization services for our clients. In addition, Spinnaker also partners with JDA and SAP to provide cutting-edge modeling solutions. Beyond these partnerships, our consultants have experience in numerous supply chain optimization tools such as IBM/LogicTools, SAP/SmartOps, Oracle SNO, and JDA.

Transportation Optimization

Keep your goods flowing while keeping the cost of movement minimized. Transportation planning and mode strategies can be optimized in coordination with distribution, manufacturing, and fulfillment practices to establish the “sweet spot” of minimum overall cost with maximum responsiveness.

Transportation and logistics are rapidly evolving. The best delivery and cost performance of only a few years ago may look entirely different today. It’s vital to keep your transportation spend and performance up to date and premised on the modern landscape.

Inventory Optimization & Postponement

Enhance the ideal positioning of safety stock and strategic inventory buffers in the supply chain by leveraging leading technologies and methodologies. Inventory optimization helps supply chain managers meet service and cost objectives without unnecessary inventory, and improves the velocity and agility of supply chain operations.


As supply chain networks become more complex while service expectations continue to increase, making good decisions about the placement and sizing of inventories requires the use of significant data and advanced analysis techniques. Spinnaker is an acknowledged thought leader in the modeling of optimal inventory deployment and the coordination of associated planning, distribution, and fulfillment processes that enable its implementation. Through the use of industry-standard applications from LLamasoft, Blue Yonder, SAP, and others, as well as through proprietary Spinnaker methods and tools, we help companies make the best possible use of working capital to meet service objectives while containing business risk.

Make/Buy & Insource/Outsource Optimization

Companies perform best when they can focus on their core value-add. Often it makes sense to work with partners for portions of the supply chain mission that others can do better or at more cost-effective scale. The analysis of in-house vs. outside considers many aspects—costs and variability, responsiveness and service, risk, and the costs of governance and compliance management.


Spinnaker offers services on both sides of this question—analyzing what should stay in or go out, and for the outsourced portion helping you identify whom should turn to for the best external outcomes. We help you map the tradeoffs while keeping your business strategy clearly in the picture, thoroughly develop the economic and risk profiles that lead to decisions, and walk through the outsourcing journey with expert facilitation that carefully exposes the true pros and cons of trading partner candidates.

Lean & Product Optimization

Your production sites are a big investment and your supply chain can only deliver what they can produce. There are often great gains in cost, responsiveness and flexibility, productivity, usable capacity, and quality that can be unlocked with the expert introduction of lean techniques and other value-focused methodologies. The results of these efforts also help improve adjacent process performance, such as lead time reductions leading to better demand and supply planning accuracy.

Spinnaker helps you apply tested methods and expert practitioners to production, fulfillment, and other supply chain processes. Using value stream mapping, supply chain segmentation, and other techniques, the utilization of time, materials, capacity, and staff can be maximized.