Supply Chain Network design

Spinnaker’s Supply Chain Network Design Services help companies design their supply chain networks to balance service and cost while managing risk and sustainability. This includes determining the structure of the physical supply chain; defining sourcing, capacity, and inventory strategies; and creating the organizational capabilities, business processes, and technology architectures necessary to run a world-class supply chain. Typical projects include developing digital twin supply chain models for use in one-time network redesign projects or to support on-going analysis of sourcing, capacity, and make/buy decisions considerations that can change over time. Spinnaker also helps companies migrate to new supply chain models by selecting the right supply chain warehousing and logistics providers and managing the transition of systems and physical assets into new locations.  For more information on Spinnaker’s Supply Chain Network Design Thought experience, click the pictures below to download relevant case studies and thought leadership. 


Spinnaker Drives Supply Chain Optimizati
Industrial Manufacturer Supply Chain Net
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