Spinnaker SCA provides strategic solutions for clients across many industries.

As a leader in supply chain planning and returns management, Spinnaker SCA provides strategic solutions for clients across many industries. Challenges such as managing inventory and balancing supply with demand transcend industries, yet your company also faces challenges that are unique. The Spinnaker SCA team consists of both generalists and vertical market specialists to address your supply chain challenges. We harness best practices in each of the verticals to cross-pollinate great ideas from one industry to the next.


While we bring general supply chain expertise, the Spinnaker SCA team has a proven track record in specific industries. Our specialists can quickly identify the difference between root causes versus symptoms that could be creating challenges in your supply chain. Spinnaker SCA specializes in solving supply chain challenges in the following industries.

Consumer Products

Consumer Product & Food / Beverage companies face a highly competitive landscape. New challenges on traditional supply chain models include intense pressure on profit margins, SKU proliferation, multiple stocking locations, promotion management, and shorter product life cycles.


Spinnaker SCA helps clients design and manage high-volume Consumer Product supply chains to get the correct product to the right place in a time and cost-effective manner. Many companies now have unique manufacturing strategies and supply networks that rely on flexibility and postponement. Our experienced team helps our clients design their supply chains and implement the processes and systems needed to manage Consumer Product & Food / Beverage environments.



Food & Beverage

There are a number of critical supply chain issues that Food and Beverage companies face, such as tight regulations, commodity pricing, strict freshness requirements, and date sensitivity. Expanding and changing channels increase the ways customers demand products that meet a variety of needs, including health, taste, and convenience. In addition, private label and store brands create pressure for shelf presence. These issues not only generate both cost pressures that require a responsive supply chain and a lower cost-to-serve model to retain or create a competitive advantage.



Chemical & Energy

Chemical and Energy companies – whether large multi-nationals or start-ups – face unique supply chain challenges. Long-term investments to maintain infrastructure and bring new technologies to market require complex, project-based supply chain requirements and the agility to react quickly in order to meet unexpected demand. A mix of accurate planning, effective procurement, and reliable logistics performance must be achieved while meeting aggressive cost management objectives.


Spinnaker SCA’s expert consultants help companies in the Chemical & Energy business design and manage their supply chains to address business reliability, cost, and risk management objectives. This starts by focusing on key decisions related to forecasts, service levels policies, and supply chain design. Next, the team analyzes our clients’ processes and tools for tactical and executional supply chain operations.



High-Tech & Telecommunications

Spinnaker SCA’s supply chain services help clients in the High-Tech, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, and Telecommunications industries deal with a variety of unique supply chain challenges.

  • Short product lifecycles place a premium on effectively managing the launch and ramp down of products through effective demand and supply planning including end-of-life spares and replacement parts.

  • Lengthy and often outsourced global supply chains require coordination across geographies, accurate inventory visibility, and aligned decision-making.

  • Complex product structures require effective master data and supply chain processes to ensure inventory is available and obsolescence is managed.

  • Demand uncertainty requires balancing customer service objectives with risk and cost management goals.

We help our clients address these issues by creating effective forward and reverse supply chain strategies, enabling world-class planning capabilities, optimizing returns management, and disposition supply chain performance. Working extensively within the High-Tech, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, and Telecommunications industries gives Spinnaker SCA consultants a breadth and depth of experience that is the cornerstone of our services. 



Discrete Manufacturing & Distribution

Spinnaker SCA’s integrated supply chain solutions enable Discrete Manufacturers and Distributors to evaluate key supply chain decisions through analysis and modeling of relevant customer and production data. The Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution sectors deal with complex supply chains. Product support can run for decades which necessitates a comprehensive forward and reverse supply chain strategy to address channel solutions. In particular, secondary markets represent a key opportunity for manufacturers to disposition assets and increase recovery. Spinnaker SCA helps clients to control fixed costs, increase flexibility, and balance responsiveness versus costs.    


Within the critical returns function, Spinnaker SCA’s remanufacturing and returns expertise ranges from reverse supply chain design to business process outsourcing. Our services enable clients to leverage opportunities across both their forward and reverse supply chains to meet critical service level agreements, compliance requirements, and sustainability targets while reducing costs.



Life Sciences 

Life Sciences organizations face tremendous challenges to improve health services delivery while addressing pricing, inventory management, and standardization. These companies often source in emerging markets and face unique challenges around product protection and increased regulatory requirements at both the country and state level.  


Spinnaker SCA helps Life Sciences clients ensure that their supply chain is efficient, safe, and compliant. Our experts understand the challenges related to channel visibility, forecast variability, and date-sensitive inventory that inform the end-to-end supply chain.  At the operational level, Spinnaker SCA’s planning assessments identify gaps in the supply chain flow that inhibit visibility to critical data or jeopardize product control.



Retail & Apparel

In today’s competitive market, Retail & Apparel companies must maintain fast and flexible supply chains that provide broad visibility and communication across internal and external channels. Spinnaker SCA has integrated service offerings that help retail clients build seamless approaches to manage cross-channel merchandising; a market differentiator in Retail & Apparel is fulfilling orders through multiple retail and online channels while aligning forecasting and finance. Our team has tackled the challenges such as Omni-Channel operations strategies, planning, pricing and allocation, and returns management.  


We go beyond simply solving a specific problem; our approach addresses talent development, policy and process misalignments, technology gaps, and meaningful metrics to ensure you achieve your business goals.    



For more information on Spinnaker SCA’s work with leading companies, click below to visit our resource library to view industry case studies.